The Wannabe Book Club #1

The Wannabe Book Club #1

We gathered some people one early sunday morning, in a tiny apartment, and this really nice thing happened where we
started discussing books and how they influenced us, our culture and our social lives with all this lighthearthed, dazed,
sometimes peculiar use of words and sentences that builts this really powerful bond with ourselves and others.

This crazy idea got into our heads that we should create a place where people could connect through books with other human
beings, humans who are eager to run their fingers and stain pages with their starving need to read, learn and share ideas
and we created The Wannabe book club which is not an actual club but more like a world of continous discovery, a liesure
point, shaped by the love for reading .

Our #1 meeting will center around Truman Capote’s – In cool blood, a narrative non-fiction masterpiece, one of it’s kind,
a subject which would be normally addressed by journalists and yet written by the hands of a novelist,a reported murder
of four members of a wealthy family .

It’s a bring-your-own-book kind of party . We will provide you with paper and pens if you wanna write down ideas .
We decided we should split the book in two meetings, so we can cover as much of it as we can ; so if you didn’t already finish the
book, you can easily rest at page 194.

Since it’s our first meeting, there are only 20 available seats. If you got your read-and-roll groove on and you read/want
to read/will read Truman Capote – In cold blood until 31 of Octomber, let us know.



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