This is Drum & Bass

This is Drum & Bass

Teravito (ES)
Teuf Kulture | DNB Meeting Point | SUBconscious
Teravito is not only one of the most active DJs in the Drum & Bass scene in Barcelona, it is also one of the most important. He is part of Teuf Kulture, the crew that has taken over the DNB Thursdays in the city. He is also a co-founding member of DNB Meeting Point, a streaming platform that brings together renowned local and international producers, with emerging talents.
Teravito decided to start his DJ career in 2009 inspired by Barcelona’s underground scene. His experience as a guitarist in a Thrash Metal band and as a percussionist, along with his affinity for Reggae music and the Sound System culture, quickly made Drum & Bass become his favorite music genre.


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05.30 / Subfeleac / Gazette



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