un Moment la studio

un Moment la studio

un Moment la studio

The moment’s nostalgia hits us just as summer said goodbye. It’s been a long time since we last danced and enjoyed moments together. So what better way to start the autumn than a party in a new and awesome location near Cluj Napoca? The previous location was a beautiful forest, but electricity and rain don’t mix, so we have to take the party indoors.

Because we’ve missed you so much, this party is gonna be a special one, with funky tunes to start the night, minimal bangers to keep you rocking, and a little dnb surprise for the early hours.

7 talented guys will mesmerise you with their carefully selected electronic beats, ready to keep you dancing until the next day. We bring the mood, sound, lights and vibes, you bring yourself, and some friends, make sure you get the cozy shoes, it’s gonna be a long one.

Let’s party till the morning and beyond, and most important, let’s feel the Moment!

See you there beautiful people!

KOCOSH GARDEN (dnb) • The presence of two roosters will provide you the most unique audio-energy experience through progressive rhythms directly from their fence.
All chickens will be safe, that’s for sure.

We go for the music, we stay for the drum and bass.

Artist support: 30 ron
Location: BlackBox Studios



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