Virtual CreativeMornings Cluj

Virtual CreativeMornings Cluj on Liminal

Virtual CreativeMornings Cluj on Liminal

Save the date for a new edition of CreativeMornings Cluj >>> 26th of November. You can also add the event as a reminder in your calendar via facebook

November’s theme is Liminal.

When we find ourselves in an in-between place, we might call our location “liminal.” Liminal space is found at the threshold, between leaving an old life and starting a new one. When we have shed a tired identity but not yet donned a fresh one. Liminality is a state of becoming. It slips away, eluding easy categorization.

Invite yourself into the cocoon of transformation. Instead of asking what comes after the chrysalis, what if, in the words of anthropologist Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, we look around rather than ahead? If we learn to trust the process, we can remain curious and open. We can surrender our certainty and leave ourselves vulnerable and open to the mysteries of being. What joy and sweetness can we find in all this, in the depths of liminal spaces and times?

CreativeMornings Sofia chose this month’s exploration of Liminal and Sevda Semer illustrated the theme.



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