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by | Aug 4, 2016 | Party

Imagine … a torrid summer day is drawing to a close. Steam is coming out of the asphalt and cool forest air fills our lungs while we approach the destination: Gilau. Visited usually by the connoisseurs, we plan to bring back to your attention such a spectacular location. The sunset and the timbered hills are perfectly reflected in the lake. It’s almost impossible to go wrong when nature offers so much: every guest is enraptured by the view and its positive vibe. Surrounded by mountains blanketed in emerald forest — we’d wager that there are people out there who would consider alandala by the lake their version of paradise. Dancing around the campfire, smiling, socializing, making friends and laughing until the sun rises again. There’s something special about listening to music while being surrounded by nature. It’s music to get lost in.
❐ Herodot
❐ Suciu
❐ Charlie
❐ Paul K
❐ incolor
▢ ON EVENT 30lei < 22:00h > 40 RON
▢ PRESALE 20lei [Outwear/Beams/ Online]

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