Alandala day&night V.014

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Party

Alandala day&night V.014 ▼

Imagine … Cluj-Napoca in a summer afternoon. Not leaving the city for the weekend, but we would love to enjoy a relaxing and dynamic outing. Guess what? Not far away, in Central Park, in front of the Casino, hundreds of people gathered. Whether you choose to sit on a bench, to take a picnic in the grass, take a boat-ride on the lake or to dance in the first line, you fit perfectly in the landscape. Later on we move to the Polyvalent Hall. The covered space is used for dancing and enjoying the music of well-known artists, while the terrace is designed for chilling and creating the stories of an unforgettable summer.
by day // casino park
❐ Otherside
❐ Mathei
by night // polyvalent hall
❐ Delano Smith
❐ Polarize
Entry: 20 RON presale (in the park)/ 30 RON

alandala day-night 14

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