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Olga Korol / Dasha Redkina / Paul K / RQZ

Olga Korol – DJ, producer, co-owner of BodyParts records and resident in ODY arts collective.
Currently, her focus is on her own solo productions, running Body Parts and monthly club project Meduza. As a DJ her music has taken her across the major cities of Russia, Ukraine and over to Spain for an Off Sonar party in Barcelona. As the rest of the world awakens to the new waves coming out of Eastern Europe, you can be assured that Olga Korol is leading up at the front.

Dasha Redkina’s taste for music developed whilst growing up in the Ukraine in the late 80s, and as a teenager she moved from Kiev to Moscow, to Brighton and London, picking up a huge variety of sounds along the way from rock and classical to acid house, funk and techno. In 2011 she became the resident DJ of the ARMA17 club and also the label coordinator of ARMA Records.
As well as spinning vinyl, she is also a visual artist, having finished Sound&Film course at university, currently working on various film and video projects and as a photographer and writer for Petre Inspirescu´s label Yojik ConCon.

Paul K is like a breath of fresh air that echoes the explorative style of body-moving groove. His style has a special trademark that you can clearly differentiate from the fellowship, there is alluring but subtle groove through each track played out. He follows a principle of playing complex music, not just sounds or percussion-based tracks and is always on a very positive vibe, making it impossible to stand still on the dancefloor. He is always delivering feelings along with his sets, making them a unique experience.

RQZ reached a more mature sound in the past year, his performances on the local scene being noticed and appreciated more and more. He started his career in 2003, playing at numerous local events organised by Club Midi, Alandala and Mioritmic, but he also invests a lot of time in the studio, producing music. After his first release with Paul K at 44 CNCPT, came up another release for this year, at Algorhythmic.


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