DeWalta / Lizz @ Club Midi

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Party

#dewalta ♪
There’s a joyful exuberance that comes from improvised music, as pure unfiltered creation meets with talent and skill to create accidents and moments freed from the shackles of structure and predictability. That David Koch’s early forays into music were driven by improvisation speaks volumes for the excitement and energy that emanates from him as a producer today.

Whether producing for Meander or Vakant, Kalk Pets or Cynosure, there’s a unifying quality to David’s music. As with all good artists it’s somewhat indefinable, but it exists somewhere between the rattle and tumble of organic percussion, the vibrant lashings of horns and the warm, rounded electronics. There’s no escaping the strong and determined groove that propels these tracks, but equally the playful energy and maverick charm belie David’s accomplished musical career.

#lizz ♪
Lizz has that special something and although he’s very young, he knows exactly what it takes to put a smile on everyone’s face. His djing skills and music production portfolio determined his growing presence at our parties, being very cherished by the crowd.

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