6 Ani de Subfeleac: Kromestar & Brakeman

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by | Feb 5, 2017 | Party

18 februarie – sărbătorim 6 ani de activitate și existență.

Ținem să mulțumim celor care au susținut mișcarea și au fost prezenți vreodată la un eveniment #subfeleac și artiștilor/formațiilor care au fost prezenți în acești ani.

La mulți ani și să ne revedem de la mic la mare și în viitor, peace and bass!

KROMESTAR (Nebula Music Group, Deep Medi Musik / UK)
Eye Ark

Kromestar is a dubstep record producer from South London. He is also known for using his other alias ‘IronSoul’, which he used when he started creating underground grime tracks. Kromestar is considered to be one of the original dubstep producers and is well respected in the dubstep scene.

Kromestar is most-known for his first album, My Sound which gave him the popularity in the dubstep scene. He later released his second album 2011 Colourful Vibrations. In December 2013 he released an album, called Tears of Joy, inspired by the death of his son, with proceeds going to charity. He ran a label with Jay 5ive called Bass ‘N’ Love.

His sound can vary from extremely heavy, mechanised-like to uber chilled and tight, and is known for his precise production. He has also had releases on Mala’s label Deep Medi Musik.

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