Sunwaves Festival: SW21

Sunwaves Festival
27 aprilie – 1 mai 2017, editia #21
Crazy Beach – Mamaia Nord

We gather again for great moments spent together at the 21st edition of Sunwaves festival.

We start on Thursday, 27th of April and we go on till late Monday, 1st of May 2017 🙂

The location of the festival is in Mamaia North, same place as last year. If you are looking for accommodation look around Crazy Beach or Summerland Apartments as a point of interest.

Abelle, Alex & Digby, Alexandra, Amir Javasoul, Apollonia, Arapu, Barac, Bill Patrick, Cally, Cap, Cezar, Chad Andrews, Charlie, Clovis, Cristi Cons, Dan Andrei, David Gtronic, Dubtil, Faster, Gescu, Getic Funk (Piticu, Xandru, Funk E), Herodot, Ion Ludwig, Javier Carballo, Jesse Calloso, Joey Daniel, Kozo, Lamache, Livio & Roby, Loco Dice, Maher Daniels, Marc Antona, Marco Carola, Mihigh, Nastia, Neverdogs, Nu Zau, Petre Inspirescu, Praslea, Priku, Rainer, Randall M, Raresh, Rhadoo, Ricardo Villalobos, Sepp, Seth Troxler, Sonja Moonear, Subb-an, Sublee, Suciu, The Martinez Brothers, Thomas Melchior, tINI, Vincentiu Iulian, Vlad Caia, Vlada, Zip

Visuals by Cote, Dreamrec, vLoop

ClujLife - Te scoate din casă

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