3 Smoked Olives 2017

3 Smoked Olives
27-31 July 2017

3 Smoked Olives Island itself is a new adventure every time.

The Island is located on Danube River, far away from the bustle of the cities, on the border between Romania and Bulgaria, more precisely near the crossing point between Calarasi[RO] & Silistra[BG],in Ostrov.

It all started a few years ago, when a small group of friends, nature & music lovers, wanted to have their own special little thing on a Friday night. It lasted 3 days.

The small group and the event grew constantly each year. We are sure that you have a friend who was or will be on the island.

Confirmed artists:

That magical place from your dreams. That escape gate you’re looking for. An isolated island with soft sands & waters and a fresh grown forest, all in the same place. The place where everyone’s your friend. The mystical land that calms and in the same time awakens and develops your spirit.

Bring all of them together and add your favorite background music that makes you dance your feet off in the warm sand at the daytime and in the chilled breeze at midnight.

The result? Surreal, you could say, but no, it is as real as possible. It’s the gathering of a nice community that for several days forget all of their worries and all that frightens them. We let go of everything and use every moment to recharge with the nature’s energy, living the Island Life, at just 1 hour drive from Bucharest, at 3 Smoked Olives Festival!

If you want to come to the 3 SMOKED OLIVES ISLAND FESTIVAL, please dig up your birth certificate out of your back pocket or hidden closet and check if you have at least the minimum age, which is 21+ years old.

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