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A Little Story For The Little Ones

Once upon a time, one very ugly orc named Ghâsh, was coming back home from a battle thinking only of a good pint of homemade ale.

First thing he did was to meet his old friend Vargan that was the priest of the local temple. After hours spent talking and drinking some fine ale they both decide to go on an adventure to tell all the orc clans the stories and traditions of their own race.

Taking with them the first three grunts they met, they started their deed and stopped at the first tavern where they started telling the story of our legendary “Grunder”.

Once they finished, an orc female approached Ghâsh saying “Hey, I’m waaay better playing the accordion. So why don’t we just leave this one here to drink and go on without him?”

Ghâsh didn’t need convincing. Her reputation precedes her. “You are Tuyla. I know who you are. Ok Let’s go!”
After many years spending together, Ghâsh, Vargan and Tuyla decide to leave the other two grunts and Tuyla calls her old friend Axuruk wich she met on one of his campaigns and Rükreb the Noble one.
Many seasons passed. Many tales told. But the orcs missed something. And they didn’t knew what it was. It was like a void growing inside their heads.

One night, when all were at sleep, and was Rükreb’s turn to stay on watch, he noticed something moving behind a big oak tree. He approached the mysterious shadow and noticed the hybrid: half orc, half goblin. They all knew that half orcs were forced on a life of exile and loneliness.

Every one noticed the void starting disappearing when Ghâsh finally asked the question “What’s your name child and would you like to join our band?”

“They call me Maerkys, and I’d like that!”


“An Theos” was born in the spring of 2010. The music and the lyrics are about the ancient people from the Carpathians and Romanian Mythology, the band style being epic-folk-metal.

On 20th of April 2013 “An Theos” released the first maxi-single “Chemarea Strabunilor” (The Call of the Ancients), having as bonus 2 other songs : “Bratul de fier” and “Semintia daca”. The first album “Semintia Daca” was released on the 1st of October 2016.

The band had many concerts in Romania, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria.

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