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Interviu (in engleza) cu Booka Shade:

For our readers who donʼt know you yet, can you tell us who is behind the Booka Shade project?
Hi, we’re Walter & Arno from Booka Shade, located in Berlin (Germany), co-founders of Get Physical Music. Our new album ´Eve´ is out now released via our new label, Blaufield, in cooperation with Embassy One.

Looks like you’re coming back to Romania, for the 4th time at Club Midi. Is this one of your favorite clubs in Europe for dj sets?
Is it the fourth time already? Wow, well it seems that we always have such a good time that we keep coming back!

I understand that you prefer the live act. Is djing a great way to warm up for the summer, for the big festivals and improve “your big thing”?
We simply see it as two individual art forms. the LIVE shows is great for us as musicians, it comes very natural for us. In the DJ sets we can try out new songs which aren´t released yet and be more spontaneous.

Do you have something special prepared for the dj set at Club Midi? Some new sounds, unreleased maybe?
We always have a lot of grooves and tracks in the set that we try out, to see how they work; later they may be released.
For instance, our latest single LOVE INC: we played it for months in the DJ sets and kept refining the sounds until we were happy with the song.

Tell us about the new album, ‘EVE’?
EVE was a long and painful process. We started to write the first new songs in the middle of 2010. After one and a half year we weren´t happy with the music we had produced. Something was missing. We finally came to the conclusion that we have to change the way we produced albums in the past or we split up. It was the darkest time in Booka Shade`s career and we almost called it a day. After the frustrating album production times in 2011/12 we decided to go a new way and record our music in a new surrounding. I read an article in a music magazine about a recording space outside of Manchester. The equipment list sounded very promising and we booked the studio for a few days. It changed everything. The place was magic, full of the weirdest instruments, compressors, reverb plates, synths and mixing desks. We had an incredible time there and found together again, like a band should.
After this experience everything came together but it took us another 15 month to finish the album in Berlin. EVE saved us.
The hardest part was to find a way to give our music a new twist without loosing our identity. We are proud that we have a typical Booka Shade sound and we always have to see that we keep this identity without repeating ourselves. Not easy!

Concerning your music, how will it change in the coming years?
We never think so much about the future as we said, it has to feel good and real for us that`s the most important thing. I think more than ever that our story is not told yet and it is a privilege to be a part of Booka Shade. First of all, we have a new tour ahead in 2014.

Thank you, see you on friday.

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