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Getting around Cluj to your attractions, shopping and other activities has never been easier. There are several (new) means of transport that will take you from A to B as convenient as possible. Check them out here!


A good idea to get around the city is by bike. If you don’t have your own bike, rent one at Cluj Bike! It is a bike-sharing system where you can rent bicycles at cheap fares. There is a network of 50 bike rental stations established, so you’ll be able to get a bike in every part of the city.

For the registration you have to fill in a registration form online and after sign a contract at the citizen information center or at one of the city halls. You must bring an ID card and a copy of it and provide an email address. You’ll receive a card and a pin to be able to unlock the bike. The first 60 minutes are free, after you pay a fee.

Since Cluj’s traffic is quite busy, you’ll be the lucky one passing all the cars reaching your destination quickly. However, take care of the traffic! There are yet only a few bicycle lanes in the city – usually sharing the road with the vehicles – and the drivers in Cluj are hardly accommodated to cyclists. Also keep in mind that, although the downtown is flat, Cluj is a city in a valley, surrounded by high hills. But, then again, this will keep you fit 😉

To #ClujBike or to ClujBike? That is not even a question! ???

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The public transportation system runs between 5:00 am and 11:15 pm. For example, trolleybus 9 runs from the train station into town. Bus 27 takes you within a 10-minute walk of the open-air Ethnographic Museum northwest of the centre to Horea forest. A two-ride ticket costs about 3,50 lei. Tickets must be purchased beforehand and validated in the ticket-stamping machine upon boarding. You can find the timetables online.


To go by taxi is probably the most convenient way to get around Cluj. There’s always one around and prices are cheap. A drive during the day costs 2,25 lei per km, during the night prices rise to 2,50 lei per km. Use the clevertaxi app to order a taxi. Like this you make sure to get a taxi as soon as possible wherever you are. Search for a taxi close to you, submit the drive and it will pick you up right from your door.

Black cab

Black cab is an alternative to usual taxis. It is a kind of premium travel service at conventional rates. You’ll get a high quality ride, in comfortable and safe vehicles. The drivers speak English. Book it online on, via telephone or using the app. The prices are fixed, you get to see them before booking. For the payment you have various payment methods to choose from.


Get Pony

Pony Car Sharing works the same way as Cluj Bike – only with cars. Search and reserve a car on your phone, use the app to open the car and drive to your destination in Cluj. You can park the car wherever you want as long as it is a legal parking space. The next one will pick it up here. There’s a fleet of 50 cars available in Cluj. The prices start from 1 lei per hour, including all taxes and fees (parking, fuel, road taxes). Prices lower the longer you drive. More information and registration online.

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Uber connects people who need a reliable ride with those ones, who are looking to earn money driving their car. Thus, it’s some kind of private taxi service. Uber is an application you have on your phone that provides you with available drivers around you. You request the ride, get information about the estimated price, the driver and the waiting time. When ordering, you type in your destination so the driver knows where to go right away. For the payment you don’t need any cash, your credit card will be charged on file automatically. You can even share the car to split the fare! More information here.

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How do you reach your destination?

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