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With one third of the total population being students, it is kind of obligatory for Cluj to offer a wide range of events and a vibrant nightlife. And it does. Beside booming festivals, concerts and good clubs, the city is home of some of the best bartenders in Romania as well. This is why you should definitely visit them when in Cluj, either as a start of the night to have some drinks before heading to a club, or to spend the whole night chatting, listening to good (live) music and discussing with the bartender which drink to have next. Experience passion for the bartending scene right in the heart of Transylvania, and you’ll be promised to remember one or the other bar of these ones listed below since they are simply unique!


Supposedly, Charlie is Romania’s best cocktail bar. You’re not sure whether to believe it or not? Give it a try! The team members are the country’s best bartenders. Beside a hedonistic atmosphere, an enjoyable mood and good talks are usually spread across the bar. Over 200 whisky labels are present omn the bar display and countless cocktails can be custom made beside the seasonal menu, but this is rather seen as a recommendation: anytime you can ask to be surprised or discuss with the bartenders what might be a good mixture.

Highly recommended to try: Pork Belly Boulevard. It has a bitter/sweet taste and a light smoky and herbal flavour.


Whenever entering Jaxx, no matter the weekday, you’ll never be disappointed. The bartenders’ good mood will brighten up every face, at the latest when serving you one of their awesome cocktails! The team consists of international award winning bartenders managed by Marian Porumb. Rock music being played, it is somehow a mixture of a rock bar and room for innovation and good taste. The whole interior is influenced by great American rock bands bringing a special spirit to the bar.

Highly recommended to try: The Valley (with Johnnie Walker, Honey and walnut bitter, among other ingredients).


Enigma claims to be the world’s first steampunk kinetic design bar located in the old city center of Cluj. The design is impressive: humanoid robot with a plasma lamp cranium bicycles by the door, kinetic artworks on both ceiling and the walls. You will probably not have seen a bar like that before, so you should definitely go and have a look when traveling to Cluj! It has a superb secret summer garden for hot days and serves mulled wine in winter. The menu offers a diverse range of specialty coffees, hot chocolate, cocktails, beers and more.


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The Lab

Its name already expresses the essential: The Lab is a cocktail bar with laboratory interior serving delicious cocktails and other drinks from chemistry glassware. Chilling vintage sounding electro swing music in the background makes you feel welcome and comfortable. Choose from 72 different cocktails in the menu. If interested in chemistry or not – this bar is worthwhile visiting!


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Casa TIFF is not only a restaurant and bar, but a cultural center aiming to promote film education and the need for expression through art, cultivating and developing passion for film, photography, theater, visual arts generally among Cluj. The bartenders are absolutely friendly and the drinks and cocktails worth trying.

Highly recommended to try: Thunder Storm

If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment below and recommend us other unique bars in Cluj, based on your experience.

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