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by | Feb 21, 2017 | Party

For the present edition, Algoritm invites the charismatic Rosenktrantz for his Cluj debut.

His romanian debut took place back at Durusa Summer Hills Festival last year, but he has been for some time a big fan of our romanian culture, often visitor of Romania’s country sides, every time joyly rediscovering in particular our ethnic heritage, rituals, cuisine, dressing style and in general the local sense.

The revered selector lands at our cultural temple of Gazette directly from Copenhagen, where he has been part of the danish underground for the last couple of years. Offering a fresh take on some distinct techno palette through tough edged tracks, he has a passion for the melodic side of house and techno, which can be heard in his powerful sets.

To warm-up, we are also welcoming curator of Algoritm, Tomirazvan, able to highlight more than anything the dynamic sounds of dance music, bringing his blend of cherished house and disco.


Partner in crime with Tomi Razvan at Algoritm series and one of Gazette’s latest residents, Darai Lama will bring us his brand of emotive electronics & filling selection of close contemporaries.

Darai Lama

Proud to once again dedicate an evening to the electronic soundscapes, let’s give the necessary bum-bum-bum to our daily zum-zum-zum!
Come to our house to get deep.

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