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by | Feb 21, 2017 | Party

Matthew Burton
Fear Of Flying / Stardub / Visionquest / Retrofit / Shifted Flow / Connect Four

Matthew Burton has been involved in electronic music for over 10 years, with his passion for quality underground dance music starting with trips to the Bomb nightclub in Nottingham when he was still in his teens.

He then, slowly but surely, began producing music himself. After finishing the first full track he was completely happy with, Matthew was instantly hooked and has been solidly making underground, groove-ridden music for over 8 years.

When it comes to djing, Matthew’s style is very eclectic and sees him combining slow, trippy house and techno with dark electronica, also squeezing in elements of dub reggae and african influenced music. When playing, he is not afraid to slip between styles arguing that what really matters is a strong feeling of groove and soul to the music.

Colectiva Gazette / Storyboard

Lucu Chen
Colectiva Gazette / Storyboard

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