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by | Mar 3, 2017 | Festivaluri

Clujotronic – Electro Arts Festival
The event is organized by Centrul Cultural German Cluj-Napoca and the Institut Français de Cluj. The entrance is free, talks and workshops will be held in English.

Electronic music, visual art, digital games, and interactive installations – the electro arts festival Clujotronic has it all! It presents a unique mix of art and technology, featured in a variety of innovative projects from international artists. Clujotronic creates a platform for creative minds and artsy geeks from Romania, Germany, and France where they can collaborate in a cozy atmosphere. The general public is invited to join for great concerts, interesting talks, innovative performances, and a video game exhibition.
The highlights of the 6th edition of Clujotronic will be the performance “Tripods One” by Sonic Robots from Berlin and “Hakanaï” by French digital artists Adrien M. and Claire B. Also, the concerts of Baba Dochia and Yvat will turn this edition into a very special one. Many other captivating musicians, visual artists and game developers will also be involved. As in the past years, the public will be able to play new independent video and virtual reality games.

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