Interviu: Scarlett Etienne

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Interviu: Scarlett Etienne

Cu ocazia revenirii sale la Cluj, Scarlett a acordat un mic interviu pentru noi. Mai jos puteti citi parerea ei despre clubul Midi, de ce prefera evenimentele open air, cat de activa este in online si de ce, cat si faptul ca ea este, pe langa DJ, o artista.

Pentru cei care nu stiu, Scarlett Etienne are spectacol live cat si DJ set, este model, canta la pian, produce muzica si vrea de asemeni sa se reapuce de balet. Colectiile sale pentru evenimente sunt realizate chiar de ea in colaborare cu anumiti designeri 😉

1. This is your 4rt time at Club Midi. Every year you enlighten us with your presence. What’s your opinion about the venue and the city ?

Midi has got such a great sound system and the people are very warm and lovely. The city of Cluj itself is very interesting to me, because of the history and the architecture. I love ornate, decaying buildings, like the ones in Havana, Cuba. Cluj very much reminds me of that antiquity. The people in Cluj are just wonderful, no pretentiousness and they just love to have a good time. And there’s this amazing Italian restaurant in Cluj that the boys from Midi always take me, that has better food than in Italy!! I forget the name!

2. You were last year at Sunwaves 5 at the seaside. I saw you had a great time and a great crowd. What do you prefer, the open air festivals or the club parties ?

It’s so difficult to choose!! Sunwaves was absolutely mental, I LOVED IT! I can’t wait to do it again this year. I usually prefer smaller venues but for some reason I changed my mind at Sunwaves! I like playing bigger and louder, and it’s great to be able to reach out musically to so many people at once.

3. Your very into online and social media stuff. How come your the one who writes on twitter or facebook and don’t have some social media manager hired for that ?

I love my fans so much! I think it’s important to connect with them and social networking has made it all possible. It can be a bit time-consuming, but I always have my Iphone with me so whenever I’m in a taxi or waiting in the airport I can have a chance to quickly reply to twitters and comments on my myspace & facebook fan page. It goes in waves, sometimes when I’m really busy in the studio or rehearsing for live shows I have less time to update everything, but then sometimes I make time to hear what my fans have to say to me. I love hearing what people have to say about the night, what they thought of my live show, and when they tell me how much fun they had! I believe it’s important to show my appreciation to those who take the time to come out to the shows, buy my music, and leave nice comments for me. My fans are the fabric and fuel of what I do, and I love them infinitely for it.

4. I saw, on your facebook page, pictures from different clubs and big parties, fashion events and concerts. How do you describe yourself ? As a DJ, singer or model ? Or maybe all of that 🙂 What do you enjoy most ?

I have an appreciation for a lot of different things! Music is my number one priority, and first and foremost, I would like to describe myself as an “Artist”. There are so many things that I’m really into but it all comes back to music. My love of fashion infuses with my music. I design clothes for my live shows with London-based independent designers, and getting involved with the music for London Fashion Week runway shows, for example Ziad Ghanem’s Haute Couture show, in which I am also modeling in the show. I’ve done a bit of modeling, but was chosen because I’m a musician rather than a model. As for music, I write music, produce, play piano and guitar, sing, and take six hours of music lessons a week and practice piano for a couple hours a day. I also take time to see live music shows, I find it very inspiring. Last year I saw a lot of bands like Florence and the Machine, Depeche Mode, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Siouxsie and MGMT. Another thing I’d love to get back into is dancing, I used to be a ballet dancer, and have been incorporating a bit of choreography into my proper live PA shows. I like to have a lot of different outlets for creativity!

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