Interviu: David Moufang aka Move D

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Interviu: David Moufang aka Move D

1. We know what others can say about you and your music but we want to know how do you describe your music ?

Ooh, that’s a tough question – i guess from (deep) house to ambient/experimental to techno – add a little funk & jazz in there, as well… but when i dj, we want to party – so it will be house, disco, acid… 😉

2. Where do you get inspiration from ?

Many things – mainly not electronic – sometimes not even music – could be sounds/cities/nature that inspire me. In music: i definitely listen to funk, jazz, disco, classic, pop – anything – and it all effects me / flows through me…

3. What can you say about the last 15 years in term of electronic music ?

Music generally to me is moving forward on the one hand, but also returning in cycles on the other hand – at all times. Sometimes an old record (let’s say larry heard from 1988) can sound as good or even better than the latest technology – but we also hear things now, that we never heard before. Or just in a way, we never heard them before (talking about disco edits, for instance).

4. Describe a perfect place for the perfect gig.

Well, happy people, pretty girls, good sound system, plenty of time… 😉 & a decent red wine

5. What have you heard about Club Midi ? Any expectations ?

My best friend from Timisoara told me that Midi is the best club in Cluj and that Cluj is the best place to party in Romania after Bucharest. Girls are supposed to be really pretty there – so i’m quite optimistic – i just hope that there are still enough vinyl djs like me playing at midi so that the turntables (needles, feedback elimination) are good – if that’s all sorted, we should have a ball on friday!

//photo credits: RA

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