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by | May 25, 2011 | Interviuri | #clujlife

Ca un “preview” al evenimentului din 28 mai, astazi va prezentam un interviu cu Chicane.

“Going Deep” is your latest single, airplayed on April 8th, and to be released on May 27.
It is, but most likely the date will be pushed back now till late June

Are you going to play it in Cluj? What can you tell us about the new single?
And I may just play it in Cluj this time. The single features Aggi Dukes and I guess it’s not what you might expect from me but, if I don’t try new things then what’s the point? Repeating past successes, that’s not me really.

You had gigs in Bucharest and Brasov. How did you find the atmosphere at Romanian parties?
So far I’ve loved playing in Romania everytime I’ve been. People just want to have fun and get lost in the moment, and music.

And if you already have an experience with Romanians, what do you expect from the Cluj audience?
More of the same or even more mad. I don’t know really.

Do you take care of your own official accounts on social media? How important do you think SM is?
Yes, and it is incredibly important. I think I’ve been a little slow in some ways but there’s a new site at and free tracks – go get, it’s free after all. In fact there may well be another free mix in a week’s time too. We want to be real in the way we interact, not too in your face, but genuine. The problem for me with some sites is that they impose once you’ve registered, we say something when there’s something to say. And right now I’m saying be there in Cluj!!

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