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Blanilla / Missile / Ugly Astronaut @ Gazette


Angel Rusu aka Blanilla is a Romanian DJ and producer active for over a decade. Successfully blending breakbeat with garage, 2step, d’n’b or house, Blanilla played his music at hundreds of gigs across Romania and abroad, from small clubs to big venues & festivals.

Thanks to his energetic, dynamic and well built Dj sets, during the years he had the chance of sharing the stage with Groove Armada, Dub Pistols, Stanton Warriors, Plump DJs, General Midi, Dj Vadim, Funkanomics, Aquasky, Evil Nine, Jay Cunning, James Lavelle, 2 many Djs, Sven Vath and why not, even Tiesto.

Over the past few years he became a regular at the veteran label, Sound Of Habib, having top quality releases that often made it in the breaks Top 20.
His music was also released at respectable labels like VIM Records, Ego Shot or even Distinctive Records, home of Dub Pistols, Hybrid or Way Out West.
Blanilla is also known for his excellent remixes and edits that he often gives away to the fans. It all culminated with a nomination for the Best Free Track at 2015 Breakspoll awards, after his successful take on Disclosure’s “Defeated No”


Ugly Astronaut

The origins of Ugly Astronaut’s music are based on a jazzy instrumental sound that now are converted into a highly colored space travel filled with soul. Indeed he is a different kind of creature because, like an old machine that is evolving every second, he merges sounds and sets in a different kind of way. He is a true storyteller, a collector, a real traveler in space and time bringing you the Deep sounds of the universe, the Jazzy and Sleazy sounds of the sunny side of the galaxy with some Nu Disco grooves. From the misty side of the milky way he finishes with some innovating Jackin & Chicago House feeling. As you may see this astronaut is always ready for a launch into the sunny and also the dark side of the universe with fluid sounds along the way.

10 ron before 00:00 / 20 ron after
Guest list valid until 12:30AM.

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