TJV special @ Gazette

by | May 24, 2017 | Party


Gwenan discovered dance music one night in 2007 and has never looked back. After pestering a housemate to dig his old Gemini decks out of the attic, her first experiences of DJing were of weekends spent playing records with friends on her rooftop in a shabby corner of Oxford.

Since moving to London in 2011, Gwenan has been seen and heard at parties including Undersound, Toi Toi, My Own Jupiter, her own HiFi, run with Andrew James Gustav and Bruno Schmidt and she is a favourite of Pickle Factory, even after moving to Berlin.

Her set at Freerotation festival last year is a work of art and so was her performance at Intrinsic. A techno lover first, but drawn to any music that ticks the same boxes, her sounds are simple and abstract. Shapes, movement, repetition. Warmth.


Tickets at the door, 10 / 20 after midnight.