Presenting Zenitech, newcomer at Târgul de Cariere Cluj

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Articole, English

Târgul de Cariere (The Career Fair) – the biggest interactive recruitment event – will arrive in Cluj on the 25th and 26th of March, 2021. During those two days, from 11 AM to 6 PM, over thirty companies from various work fields will present hundreds of career opportunities, providing valuable support for those looking for a job or professional development solutions. Whether you are an experienced professional or a junior at the beginning of the road who wants to train in certain areas of activity and technologies through various internships, this is the place to sign up.

The number of local jobs at The Cluj Career Fair is over 500, a new record since the events were digitized. Starting with March last year, the fair took place exclusively online, registering for the first time, this season, a 100% increase among the participating companies. The number of companies recruiting for other countries has also increased considerably, offsetting the general trend of hiring closer to home, due to the pandemic. Also, more and more international agencies are coming to the Career Fair, especially from Denmark and Austria.

So let’s talk about what are you interested in. It could be programming, IT, engineering, automation, procurement, accounting, administration, sales, customer relations, automotive, metallurgy, mechatronics, or maybe, electronics. Most of the available positions at The Career Fair are addressed to those who are passionate about IT and have some experience in programming, but that’s not all about it. With that in mind, today we talk about Zenitech, a newcomer at Târgul de Cariere Cluj, and why you should keep an eye on them while analyzing the available options.

A people-first company

Founded in 2015, Zenitech is a people-first company where everyone genuinely cares about and supports each other. Here you will find a creative community where agile and forward-thinking ideas are actively encouraged, along with diverse perspectives and opportunities to embrace.

With headquarters in the United Kingdom and software development hubs in Romania and Lithuania, their expertise spans technology consulting to scalable, agile IT delivery and digital solutions development, enabling real growth, automation, and cost-efficiency. Zenitech people are visionary and passionate about technology, they take pride in what they do, and they value communities, consistent growth, simplified processes and effective partnerships.

Breaking technology frontiers together

Last year Zenitech reached an important milestone in their ambitious growth plans with a significant investment in the business from UK private equity mainstay Sovereign Capital Partners. This partnership helps set the foundation for an ambitious program of growth and expansion that will only bring more opportunities to their digital journey.

Zenitech is not just a company. They focus on community and performance, always staying committed to their values and making sure they are an employer of choice for performance-driven and impactful technology enthusiasts for whom technology is a passion, not a job. As they made it their purpose to create a healthy working environment where people can thrive and develop professionally, they continuously challenge themselves, the technology, and the solutions they build to evolve and deliver value that positively impacts their employees’ growth.

New opportunities

This year, as Zenitech clients’ portfolio is constantly growing and scaling into new effective partnerships, together with the amazing community of Targul de Cariere, they are unlocking new job opportunities ready for people who seek innovation and wish to make a change.

Their ideal candidate profile is simple; no matter the seniority level, they are looking for driven, ambitious, original, and creative people who are not afraid to share their opinions or making suggestions. Whether you are an aspiring engineer or a jack of all trades in your professional expertise, Zenitech is the perfect place where you can combine your creativity and expertise to evolve for the future.

If the description above fits you and you are ready for a challenge, join this year’s event and discover how they can future-proof your career! Prospective candidates can interact with representatives of the companies to find out information about the available positions, their benefits and programs, thus improving their networking skills. In order to apply for the positions available at the Cluj Career Fair, it is necessary to create a user account where, after authentication, the updated CV is registered. The organizers will provide the necessary support to use the platform on the chat dedicated to the participants, throughout the event.

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