Css: Embrace of the serpent (2015) &...

Film: 19:00 Dj set: 21:00 Free entry The meaning of disease is that it is a trauma of nature, it is an interior conflict which man has to own by trying to function wi...

Zumzet: Alexandru HG @ Sisters

there is no spoon, or mandatory dresscode ______________________________________________________ electro / deep tech / progressive house / dub techno

CSS: Upstream Color (Shane Carruth, 2013) & dj set Alexandru HG

CSS: Upstream Color (Shane Carruth, 2013...

Film—-19:00 Dj set–21:00 Free entry “Shane Carruth is describing the life of a microscopic parasite that breeds in the guts of a cat. To locate such a c...

Zumzet @ Sisters

Vineri, 30 iunie, ora 19:00 Sisters Zumzet cu Alexandru HG DJ set

Heion and The Echo Bits @ Atelier Cafe

HEION AND THE ECHO BITS Dov Meraki | voce Adrian Neacșu | chitară bas Vlad Vedeș aka Gate 1 | chitară Gabi Matei | tobe Răzvan Ghenciu | clape, sintetizatoareÎn ultimii...

Wrong Time Wrong Planet @ The Shelter

Odă dezordinii cu Alexandru HG & Vamanu dance-punk / indie rock / post-drunk / dirty electro / EDM / LSD / BRB DILLIGAS / DRZDAW / durchbruch / pillwave / shit disco...

Alexandru HG // Koukla @ Yolka

Zumzet Alexandru HG // Koukla

MoonRaptures @ The Shelter

Music: nu/future disco, indie – dance, eclectic Djs: Socol / Alexandru HG Acces: FREE before midnight – 10 lei after midnight


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