Interviu: Bruno Pronsato

by | Oct 7, 2010 | Interviuri | #clujlife

Interviu: Bruno Pronsato

Hey, Bruno Pronsato or Steven Ford, how do you prefer?

Well, i prefer bruno at the moment. It’s just much easier than explaining that i have a real name – somewhere out in the weird universe.

Steven Ford, that sounds like an american name. I understand your living in Berlin now but where are you originally from?

Yes, I have been living in berlin for almost 5 years now and love it. I was born in texas, but lived the most important part of my life in seattle. I consider myself a seattelite.

Noticed your myspace account and seems like is more like on a presentation basic style. How about facebook or twitter? Are you into social media and promoting yourself like this or not?

That is not my myspace account. someone else set that up and did a pretty bad job of it even. now, unfortunately for me i have to live with that awful presentation… With that in mind, i was quick to do my own facebook and twitter myself… I think these social networking places have their good and bad sides. sometime it’s a bit like spam. I’m even guilty of over-doing it sometimes. But i think in the end it does add a bit of personalism to an artist. It lets the people that listen to your music let you know immediately how they feel about it. Records and live.

How’s it going with the “Lovers do” album ? Can you tell us a bit about it?

Well, it’s done – and had been for about 4 months. It just takes a long time to figure out design, mastering, how you want it to me marketed, etc. About the record itself – i think with this one i was going for something a bit more personal than Why Cant We Be Like Us… I was trying to be less cold. More warmth, more love so to speak.

Can you tell us something about the project “Half Hawaii”? Noticed that you’ll be on the official tracklist for Superlongevity Five @ Perlon.

Sure. Sammy Dee and I have been working here and there but our schedules are so incredibly difficult to manage that we really haven’t been able to come up with a solid EP yet. We do have a couple of great tracks. So, we decided to use one for the Superlongevity and another one for an upcoming Diamonds & Pearls compilation…

What do you know about Romania ? How about Cluj Napoca and Club Midi?

Well, I have never been to romania, and i am incredibly excited to come! Also, being the non-geographical person that i am, I have just recently heard of Cluj Napoca. I have heard about the club from Zip and Sammy Dee. nothing but amazing words about the club, so i am super excited to be coming there. i hear dracula is from around there somewhere. 😉

Do you have any expectations for the gig @ Midi?

I only expect to have a great time, meet some great people and play the best i can!

Thank you.


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