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The event’s main aim is to assess specific HR PROCESSES, with focus on organizational well-being. A secondary aim is to create a networking environment between HR professionals, Top and Middle Managers, Entrepreneurs, Start-Up owners and Professional Development Devotees.

Target Market:
100+ participants (HR Professionals and top&middle managers)

Creating healthy working environments, by developing influencers and decison makers in organizations (management, HR community) about employee wellbeing

Provisional Agenda:
9.00-9.30 – Participants Registration + Coffee Break
9.30-12.30 – Plenary session
Coffee Break (11:00)
12.30-14.00 – Lunch
14.00-16.30 – 3 Workshops
Coffee Break (15:00)
17.30-20.00 – MasterClass with Miranda Ash

Miranda Ash ->Chief of Community @ WorldBLU
Raluca Anton -> Managing Partner @ PsyLife Clinic
Maria Dofeldt -> Management Coach @ MD Coaching

Moderator: Bogdan Babalau-Maghiar

Workshops on:
Emotional Well-Being
Financial Well-Being
Social Well-Being

Masterclass with Miranda Ash entitled Freedom at Work: The Proven Model for Building a High-Performance Culture

1. Outlining The Freedom at Work Model – Mindset, Design and Leadership and show how it delivers bottom-line growth.

2. Mindset – Working through The Power Question process – “What would you do if you weren’t afraid. People will learn WHY and HOW to address fear using this process”. They will have a go at the process and leave with a worksheet outlining the process so that they can immediately apply it in their workplace and life.

3. Design – Looking at the 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy (including a worksheet) and discuss examples of organizations who have applied these principles in practice. If there is time we’ll possibly design a couple of practices that people can test in their workplaces.

4. Leadership – Looking at the three components of Freedom-centered Leadership – Power, Love and Ubuntu and participants will have a go at the Freedom-centered Leadership Assessment to see where they are on the continuum of fear to freedom as a leader.

Each of these sections will have a tool or activity that participants will be able to take hope and apply immediately. We’ll also give them access to WorldBlu’s recent Growth & Resilience Report which provides the quantitive data showing that organizations who have applied this model grow!

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