Amoeba Band @ Atelier Cafe

by | May 18, 2017 | Articole

nu soul, funk, hip hop, Ungaria

Amoeba Band was founded in Budapest – Hungary, 2010. Often found jamming in the city’s vibrant music scene, they merge future soul, funk, hip hop both instrumentally. They are fronted by bassist and singer Peter Sabák, other band members include guitarist Viktor Sági, drummer Levente Boros, and keyboardist Bence Molnár.

After-party cu Karak

Karak is a forward thinking DJ from Târgu Mureș who is always flowing against the main-stream. His sound can be characterized as a fusion of different underground genres. Having his roots in hip hop, he has experimented with a vast range of headnod inciting beats that all have overwhelming bass and abstract drum patterns in common. Besides being a dusty vinyl collector he was the host of the weekly hip hop radio show known as FLOW on Erdély FM.