Electronica Express @ Brâncuși 85

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Party

Friday, 29th of June we welcome you at the 10th Edition of Electronica Express with MEN-D & Julian M.

20% DISCOUNT on ALL DRINKS between 9:00 PM-10:00 PM.

Free admision.

See you next Friday!

Men-D, also known as Micha Mendel, is a Transylvania native who moved to Israel at a young age. The cultural fusion evolved in his music skills set and it’s well distinguished in his music productions. A sound-print which Men-D calls “Isromanian dance music”.

On his musical journey he had the great privilege of working with experts in the music industry, such as Yariv Etzion (Stereounderground), Rami Shapira (Chakra), Daniel Rave (Audio Junkies), Lonya Koval, Lior Maimon (Lish), and many more. Men-D’s music can be found on Afterworld Recordings (UK), Jungle Funk (Canada), Abstract Space Records (Russia), Old SQL Recordings (Macedonia), Opum Records (Israel), D-MAX (Germany), Rise Up Records (Israel), Freegrant (Ukraine), Sun State (Netherlands), Fuzion Four (USA) and he is constantly working on original materials and remixes with great ambition and passion.

After years of learning, evolving and crystallizing into the artist he is, the future holds great expectations for Men-D with the new “D&G” Progressive House Project, live DJ sets and his Afterworld sessions radio show being played on 6 radio stations around the globe.

Julian Morris has been around on the Romanian electronic music scene since the early 2000s, when the clubbing movement was just starting to emerge.

After creating Future fm, the first pirate radiostation which promoted exclusively electronic music (starting in 1998), his love for music made him get actively involved in organizing the first electronic music events in Constanta.

Julian also produced radioshows on various radio stations.
As a producer, he released EPs on Glory Box Records (the guys who produced Portishead’s latest album) and was the first Romanian artist to appear consecutively on FOEM Electronic Youth compilations.
Julian M enjoys creating real music trips, his eclectic & melodic mix sets passing through a variety of styles, from funky, dub-house, deep-house to nu-disco & tech.

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