Top 5 contenders to win the Europa League 2022-2023

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The Europa League is the second most popular and prestigious European club tournament. Many strong teams take part in it, which would not be lost in the Champions League. The group stage of the competition is still going on, but already now we can draw certain conclusions and try to predict the future trophy owner.
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Europa League favorites

Yes, don’t be surprised, London’s Arsenal, which leads the Premier League, plays in the Europa League. The participation of this team alone confirms our words about the status of the tournament. The Gunners are perfectly prepared for the new season, have strengthened their squad (remember Jesus and Zinchenko) and are ready to fight on all fronts. In their group, Londoners won four victories in four matches and deservedly take first place. In fact, the team has already secured access to the playoffs. Prediction: Arsenal are ready to fight for the title, the odds for winning are 1 to 8.

Manchester United

Not so long ago, the Mancunians shone in the Champions League finals, and now they are fighting in the second tournament in terms of status. In the Premier League, the team has not yet shined, taking fifth place. Things are much better in the Europa League. After four rounds, Manchester is in second position, with a gap of 6 points from third place. It seems that here also the issue of entering the next round of the tournament has already been resolved. The question remains whether the team will have enough strength to fight on several fronts, and if not, what will be given priority: the Europa League or the Premier League. Forecast: the team has almost reached the playoffs of the tournament, the bookmakers estimate the chances for the cup with a coefficient of 1 to 8.5.

Another strong club capable of fighting for the highest titles. The team qualified for the Champions League, but lost to the Dutch PSV in the decisive match and went to the Europa League. In the national championship, Monaco is at the top of the standings, although it does not reach the Champions League zone. Here the question is the same as with Manchester: which tournament the Monegasques will prefer. However, in the group stage of the Europa League, too, not everything is so smooth. After four matches, Monaco is in third place, which closes the way to the playoffs. There are two matches ahead, in which everything will be decided. Prediction: probable exit from the group from the second place, chances for the title 1 to 15.

The offender of Monaco also did not qualify for the Champions League and is forced to be content with participating in a less significant tournament. However, unlike their French brother in misfortune, the Netherlands feel pretty confident in the home championship, and they are doing well in the Europa League group stage. In Group A, PSV is second only to London’s Arsenal and has excellent chances of reaching the playoffs. It is not known how fate will develop in this tournament. Bookmakers estimate PSV’s chances of winning the Champions League as 1 to 15.

Laziale got off to a good start in Serie A, after 10 rounds they are only five points behind the leader. But in the Europa League group, everything is not so simple. All four teams of the quartet F have five points each, so the whole fight for the exit is still ahead. Nevertheless, the bookmakers do not discount the Italian team, assessing its chances of winning the Europa League with a coefficient of 1 to 17.

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